Resmed Mirage FX STD


Resmed Mirage FX STD

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    The ResMed Mirage FX is the perfect balance of comfort, performance and simplicity. Advanced, lightweight, and with just four parts, it allows for easy fitting and care. The slender, lightweight frame provides an open field of vision without sacrificing mask stability. Designed with fewer facial contact points and more balanced allocation of pressure, it is an improvement in CPAP mask comfort.


    • Butterfly Wing Forehead Support – New flexible design easily moulds to position for a better fit. With the butterfly design, only the headgear comes in contact with the skin.
    • Squeeze-Tab Elbow – Makes connecting and disconnecting the mask from the hose simple, especially in the middle of the night. Simply squeeze the tabs on the sides of the elbow to release or connect.
    • SpringAir – Dual-wall cushion provides balanced pressure distribution through all sides for minimising pressure points. The cushion also provides extra softness at the bridge of the nose to avoid soreness.
    • SoftEdge – Soft headgear designed to provide comfort and stay in place throughout the night.
    • Diffused Vent – Air vent design allows for quieter and gentler air diffusion, a nice feature for any bed partner.
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